Annual Premier Maintenance Program

Annual Premier Maintenance Agreement Membership Benefits

  • Priority service- Front of the Line Appointments

  • Dispatch Fees are Waived

  • Upfront Pricing

  • Annual Plumbing Inspection*

  • No overtime Rate on Emergency Service

  • 10% Discount on Service Calls**

  • Exceptional Service

  • Prolong the life of your plumbing system

  • Minimize potential costly problems

  • Detect problems before they become a disaster

  • Fully Transferrable

  • Pro-Tec Peace of Mind


#1 Always have the main water valve to the home off at all times when the home is not occupied to avoid flooding and property damage.

#2 When you’re away it is best to have a home watch professional run the water in all showers & sinks every 2 weeks to avoid cartridge seize-ups and empty traps.

We are a full-service Plumbing & Drain company serving Collier, Lee, Sarasota Counties.

Pro-Tec Plumbing is proud to be the premier full-service residential & comercial plumbing company in Southwest Florida.

Master Plumber Richard Hume founded Pro-Tec Plumbing, Inc., in 2008 with only some tools and containers of fittings in the back of his pickup truck. He joined forces with his brother Brandon in 2011 and since then they’ve done nothing but grow. After evolving into a thriving mid-size company with a skilled team of technicians and office staff, Rick and Brandon decided to expand further to better suit southwest Florida’s needs. After a lot of time, effort and thought, they created Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Drains a full service plumbing company both residential and commercial. Pro-Tec’s keeping the services you’ve come to know and love while venturing into services you need.

Our focus is to deliver the highest-quality service available, ensuring the peace of mind that we ourselves would expect in our own homes.

Annual Inspection Included

Flush water heater to clear any sediment ensuring operation at peak efficiency. (Valued at $189.00) (Excludes Tankless heaters)

Have a tankless heater?- add service flush for an additional $49.00 per heater

    • Check connections, valve, and piping to the water heater

    • Visual inspection of all plumbing components

    • Check all faucets for leaks or corrosion and clean aerators for proper water flow

    • Check all supply lines to faucets and toilets

    • Check all shutoff valves for leaks and proper function

    • Identify and tag main water supply shut off valve, should there be an emergency

    • Dye test all toilets for leaks and adjust for proper drainage

    • Inspect washing machine hoses and shutoffs for any sign of damage that may lead to leaks

    • Inspect all outside hose bibs

    • Provide recommendations for any needed repairs.

The following terms and conditions apply to the Annual Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreement 9hereinafter “Agreement”) between Pro-Tec Plumbing (hereinafter “Contractor”), and the customer, applicant or property owner 9hereinafter “Customer”). LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS: The Annual Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreement applies only to single-family residences. Furthermore, any and all inspections will be limited to cover only visible plumbing systems. Additional coupons, promotions, and discounts will not be applied to services rendered under this Agreement. This Agreement only applies to preventative maintenance and will not cover any needed parts. The contractor shall not be responsible for the cost of service or parts that third parties provide. Repair or replacement of parts or fixtures is not included under this Agreement. Any alterations to, or deviation from, this Agreement involving additional services or cost of materials, will be an additional expense for the customer, at the contractor’s then prevailing rates. DURATION AND PAYMENT: This Agreement shall be effective for the term of 12 (twelve) months unless the contractor and customer agree in writing to extend or renew the Annual Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreement. Payment is due and payable immediately upon the Customer signing this Agreement. If full or first payment is not made at the time of signing, the customer will be in breach of this agreement.
RENEWAL: This agreement can be renewed for an additional 12 (twelve) month term upon the contractor and customer agreeing to such a renewal in writing. The cost of renewing this Agreement is subject to annual adjustments determined by the contractor. The contractor does not guarantee the cost of future terms under this agreement.
MODIFICATION: This agreement is not transferable to a new property owner of the contracted property or a new property of the contracted customer. This agreement can only be modified in writing and such modification must be signed byt the contractor and the customer.
WARRANTY: The contractor disclaims any and all implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. The contractor disclaims the implied warranty that the services performed will provide correction or protection against any and all plumbing failures. The customer hereby agrees that the contractor will not be responsible for the loss of use, loss of profit, increased operating or maintenance expenses, illness or injury, claims of the customer’s tenants or clients, or any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages caused by a delay, failure to service, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties and other conditions beyond the control of the contractor.