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BotM: Shoreline Builders

By February 1, 2019 March 11th, 2019 Blog

It’s February 1. Know what that means?

Rent is due!

We kid, we kid. (Partially.) It’s time for our next Featured Business of the Month!

Unfortunately our blog wasn’t up and running yet in January, where we featured the lovely Naples Kitchen and Bath. (Check our Facebook to see the recap!) We’re in business now and it couldn’t be the more perfect time.

So, without further ado, our Featured Business of the Month…

Shoreline Building Co.!

Shoreline was founded by Rob Thomas, a Brit hailing from Manchester, England; he crossed the pond in 1988 but his accent is still just as strong. After 20 years of working as  a highly sought-after general contractor in Los Angeles, the other coast came calling and Thomas moved to Naples.

Thomas’s hands-on nature and customer-focused practice helped foster long-lasting relationships with the community and attracted businesses with shared ideologies — cough, Pro-Tec, cough — making Shoreline a hot commodity throughout southwest Florida.

“We look at every project not as a single job, but rather an opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with our clients.”

They specialize in custom construction: renovations, additions, new custom builds and so on. While jobs typically range anywhere from $10 thousand to $1 million, Shoreline wants to make sure people know they’re available to do any project regardless of size or budget.

“A man once called me to install a doggie door,” Thomas said, “and that later turned into a million dollar remodel. I’ll never forget that.”

Shoreline, much like Pro-Tec, works hard to hire top-quality employees and sub-contractors that have a passion for craftsmanship and a dedication to providing the best experience to the customer possible.

Want to see more before we dive in throughout the month? Check out this video we can’t get over:

We’ll be posting photos, stories and more from Shoreline throughout February. We couldn’t be more excited to get started… Stay tuned for more!

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