At Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas, we solve all types of commercial drain cleaning problems. We service restaurants, hotels, high rise condominiums, assisted living communities, retail centers, and medical and dental buildings across Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and Estero communities.

If your grease lines are clogged or if you notice water backup in your building or parking lot, contact us right away.


Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

We offer a full range of sewer and drain cleaning services, including:

  • Hydro jetting
  • Main line stoppage removal
  • Drain clog removal
  • Grease removal
  • Clean-out installation
  • Sewer camera inspections
  • Sewer line locations
  • Storm drain cleaning
  • And more

Storm Drains

Parking lot and street drains can easily become overwhelmed by debris and excess storm water during hurricanes and severe weather. As a business owner, you’ll want to make sure your streets and parking lots are clear to allow for the safe passage of emergency vehicles, employees, and pedestrians. Your business’s sewer and storm drains can also become clogged from gradual debris buildup or from cracks that develop over time, allowing for tree roots or other blockages. This can lead to hazardous wastewater backup and expensive damages. Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas provides 24/7 emergency plumbing service. No matter what the situation, our expert plumbers will locate the problem and ensure that your sewer and storm drains are cleared as quickly as possible.


Commercial Drain Cleaning for Restaurants

For those in the food service industry, grease pipe maintenance is a common concern. Commercial-grade grease lines and drains are designed to handle a high volume of food debris and grease on a regular basis. However, regular drain cleaning is required to keep your plumbing—and your business—running smoothly. We provide fast and efficient service for restaurants because downtime can be costly and disruptive to the business and customers.

The best way to prevent clogs, stoppages, and wastewater backup is to schedule routine drain cleaning. Contact the pros to keep your grease and sewer lines in proper working order.

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