Looking to add a statement piece to your bathroom? Custom showers are a way to incorporate both luxury and function into your bathroom design. You can customize every feature of your shower right down to the valve functions. Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas offers the highest quality in custom showers, fabrication, high-end fixture installation, and specialty bathroom remodels.


Fabrication Service for Custom Showers

If you have a vision for your shower but haven’t been able to find it on the showroom floor, we offer full fabrication service to suit your needs. In addition to plumbing, we specialize in creating all-new custom showers and bathroom fixtures. We will work closely with you or your interior designer to create something totally new and unique for your dream bathroom.


Design Options and Features

We offer a wide range of design options and features are available for custom showers. For instance, options can include:

  • Curbless showers – Also known as “no-threshold” or “roll-in” showers, curbless showers create looks of openness and uninterrupted elegance. These are excellent for people with limited mobility, as they provide both form and function.
  • His/Hers showers – His/her showers include dual showerheads and plenty of room for two.
  • Body showers – An array of body sprays, rain bars, and more make for a truly spa-like experience.
  • Rain showers – A rain showerhead or full-rain shower system will add luxury and beauty to your design.
  • Steam showers – Incorporating an automatic steam system brings the ultimate relaxation to your daily shower.
  • Linear Tile-In – A tile-in linear shower drain allows you to insert the tile or stone used in your shower into the stainless-steel tray, making the drain virtually disappear.

Each option has a variety of choices, for example a circular drain in the center of the shower or a trench-like drain along the shower’s door or perimeter.

To sum up, we are experts in the fabrication and installation of custom showers. Our professional technicians ensure that water drainage is properly managed, resulting in a complete shower experience.

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