If your garbage disposal is broken or malfunctioning, contact the pros. At Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas, we know disposal repair and installation. Whether your garbage disposal is jammed or it needs to be replaced, you can trust us to quickly identify and fix the problem. Our full-size trucks carry a variety of different garbage disposals to meet your needs.


Disposal Repair or Replacement?

A well-maintained garbage disposal should last you several years. But eventually, like all plumbing fixtures, it will wear out and need to be replaced. So how can you tell if your disposal only needs minor repairs or if it needs to be replaced altogether? The best way to determine this is to have a certified plumbing technician come out and look at it. Our plumbing technicians are friendly, dedicated, and efficient. We will give you an honest answer as to whether we can fix your current disposal. And if it’s time for a replacement, we will be happy to recommend a reliable new model, install it, and test for completion—providing a long-lasting solution. If you are looking for a new disposal, call today to learn more about the InSinkErator professional grade disposals.


Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Looking to avoid the need for disposal repair or replacement? Proper maintenance is key. Here are a few tips to help you get the longest life possible out of your current garbage disposal:

  • Always run your disposal with cold water.
  • Keep the disposal turned on until all food scraps have been fully consumed.
  • Then once the disposal is turned off, run hot water for a couple minutes to rinse away any remaining food residue.
  • Avoid putting grease, fats, or fibrous vegetable scraps down the disposer.
  • About once a week, pour dish soap into the disposal. Wait a few minutes, then rinse it out with hot water while the disposal is turned off.

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