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Help! Telltale Signs of a Leak

By January 25, 2019 February 4th, 2020 Blog

Is your home hosting a leak? Here’s how to tell.

What are the odds of a leak in your home right this very moment? Chances are, there could be a sneaky one hiding away…one you can’t see or hear, but is clearly shown in your water bill. Scary, right? Here are some tips to aid you in detecting previously-unseen leaks.

#1: Dry areas are wet.

It seems obvious, right? This is something you should always be on the lookout for and is a clear determinant that something isn’t quite right. If there are areas in your yard that constantly seem full of standing water, or a random spot in your living room seems a little wet even when it hasn’t rained in days? Those are telltale signs of leaks.

Common areas may be more obvious since they’re used every day. Every once in a while, check out your basement, any concrete slabs, carpets and areas of lawns or patios. And if you notice an area of your lawn that seems excessively damp, or plants seem to flourish more than other areas of your yard, it could be signifying a leak!

#2: Your water bill spikes for no apparent reason.

Again, it might seem obvious but often goes undetected. Maybe you had family over for the holidays, or you watered your lawn more during a dry period over the summer, et cetera. Or maybe…water is constantly dripping somewhere unforeseen! That’s a sign you should call us for an inspection.

#3: Your ceilings and/or walls are discolored or warped.

Water spots, paint discoloration, cracks in ceilings, warping of ceilings and walls…yup, all things that point to leaking. Moisture tends to have a chemical reaction with elements within, causing it to separate or crack. If that happens, you have more on your hands than just a leak — your ceiling could collapse, walls could fall and more. If you ever see these, call us!

#4: Your house smells musty or mildewy.

Mildew is common but it’s not pleasant. Mold and mildew are incredibly common results of leaks, and they’re harmful to inhale. On top of that, the leak you’re harboring is creating the perfect environment for that mold and mildew to grow. If you notice a smell like this, or see any spots that appear to be moldy, call us.

Leaks can be anywhere, so stay vigilant for you and your home’s safety! If you spot any telltale signs, give us a call at (239) 261-1000 or drop us a note and we’ll get your problem solved first and best.