Our Family

Pro-Tec is proud to be a family-owned and operated company in Naples, trusted for our high-quality plumbing, water and gas services. It takes a dedicated team to make every customer a priority and deliver exceptional service. We live by our five core values: teamwork, loyalty, reputation, high expectation, and family. At Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas, we consider our staff to be like family — let us introduce our family to yours!

Richard H. (Jr.)

President & Master Plumber

Richard (Rick) Hume is a Master Plumber with extensive expertise in service, commercial, residential, and new construction plumbing. Rick grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts and founded Pro-Tec Plumbing in 2008. He started his business with his pick-up truck, tools, and a few containers of plumbing parts. With his strong work ethic and passion for providing quality service, the company has become one of the largest full-service plumbing companies in Naples. Outside of work, you will find Rick at his cabin, working on metal fabrication projects, off-roading, or grilling out and hanging with his wife, two little girls, three dogs and pig.

Brandon H.

Vice President

Brandon was born in Massachusetts as the middle child of three boys. Growing up he always wanted to be either a professional golfer or be his own boss. While a fairly accomplished junior golfer, the dream of business ultimately prevailed. In 2004 he moved to Florida to attend Florida Gulf Coast University to study finance. Brandon became the vice president and co-owner of Pro-Tec Plumbing, Inc. in January 2011 and is extremely proud of what he and his brother have accomplished thus far. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, traveling, drinking craft beer, and watching his favorite sports teams: the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins.

Brad S.

Chief Financial Officer

In 1987, Brad moved from Ohio to Naples for a work opportunity in property management. Prior to the move, he attended Kent State University and obtained a degree in accounting. He has over twenty years of accounting experience in the construction industry. In his free time, you can find him in the gym, watching classic movies and spending time with his wife and two grandchildren.

Claude Ridley

General Manager

Claude has been in the plumbing industry since he was 14 years old, he started as a plumber's helper at a small company. He is from Franklin Tennesee 20 miles south of Nashville. Claude specializes in the service aspect of plumbing in both residential and light commercial. Throughout his career, he has been in leadership roles in management and specializes in the development of better working culture, teamwork, while driving performance. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and dog and going to horse shows.

Dave S.

Service Manager

Dave started plumbing right after high school in Naples. He started at the bottom digging ditches and worked his way up to working through the different phases of both residential and commercial plumbing. He joined a well-known plumbing franchise in 2002, where he became the General Manager, overseeing a team of eight trucks. Dave joined Pro-Tec Plumbing in 2015. As the Service Manager, he specializes in the service side of the business, overseeing a team of field service plumbers. In his free time, Dave hunts, fishes, and spends time with his family and friends.

Stephanie Mackley


Coming soon...

Chad B.

Project Manager

Chad started plumbing at the age of 16 with his uncle’s plumbing company in new construction. He was then a cook for 3 years, familiarizing himself with restaurant kitchen layouts. He grew up loving mechanics, rebuilding and fabricating as a hobby in his spare time. He realized plumbing has very similar skills, returning to the industry becoming a full-time plumber. He has been in plumbing for over 25 years now and still loves the job and tasks in building plumbing design. In his spare time, he loves to be with his kids, ride four wheelers, trail ride, watch and play sports and travel.

Cindy C.

Project Coordinator

Cindy has been in the plumbing business for over 13 years, handling a variety of duties including administration, dispatch, and accounting. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of plumbing, and she continues to learn every day. Both of her sons play on the Naples Bears football team, so all her spare time goes to her boys and sports.

Laura R.

Marketing Coordinator

Laura was born in Colombia, South America and Emmigrated as a child to the United States in 1999. 14 years later Laura graduated from SUNY Purchase College with a Bachelors in Journalism, Media, and Arts. She realized she was more passionate about writing, blogging, photography and social media and further specialized in photography, photo editing, SEO, Web editing/design & print advertising. She started her private Marketing Consulting business and was introduced to Pro-Tec in June of this year. Fast forward two months, Laura was offered a Full-Time position as the Marketing Coordinator. In her free time, Laura enjoys painting, volunteering with the elderly and spending time with her partner Alex and her dogs Blake and Pebbles.

Jenn O.

Customer Service Representative

Jenn has been in customer service for more than twenty five years. Helping customers feel comfortable speaking with her is very important to her. In here free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and visiting Disney World.

Destinee C.

Project coordinator

Born in Indiana, but transplanted to Naples when she was just a baby with her family. She has been in the customer service field for 10+ years. She enjoys customer service because she is able to meet all different types of people and help them. She has worked in the auto parts, auto dealership, pest control, agriculture, and now plumbing industry. She attended Hodges University where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. In her free time she enjoys being by the water, outdoors, or hanging out with her family and two kids.

Ashley Benjamin

Customer Service Representative

I lived in Northern IL for 27 years before relocating to Florida in 2013. Although her husband is a plumber, she doesn't have any personal experience in this particular field but has done administration and dispatching for the last 6+ years and truly enjoys it. Outside of work you can catch her at a football , soccer or softball field supporting one of their 7 children.

Meet the rest of our team

Pro-Tec has a reputation for providing professional, friendly, and efficient plumbing services. Get to know our technicians and learn a little about them before they come out to your home.

Mark C.

Fleet Mechanic

Mark has been a resident of Naples since 1986 -- the same year he found his passion for vehicles whilst working at a tire store. He later moved to dealership mechanic, earning numerous certifications; he also repairs all forms of power equipment, including generators and power tools. Mark uses his experience and these skills as Pro-Tec's full-time mechanic. In his free time, he enjoys RV camping with his wife & friends, being sure to take their two dogs on all their adventures.

Chris A.

Field Supervisor

Chris is from New York and went to school in Ohio for mechanics. He came to Florida on vacation and met Rick Hume, who was looking for help in the upcoming year. Chris started as a helper at Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas, worked his way up to become a plumber and is now a Field Supervisor. In his free time, he hangs out with his wife and kids.

Ryan K.


Ryan is a second-generation appliance and repair installation specialist who got bored dealing with appliances. He got into plumbing 3 years ago with his father-in-law. He then moved back to Florida and came to work for Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas where he has learned all phases of plumbing but specializes in service. In his free time, he enjoys live music, carpentry, building furniture, and spending time with family.

Gary R.


Gary was born and raised in the great state of Massachusetts. He worked as a steam fitter as his father before him. He moved to Florida in 2000 and has worked as a plumber since. He is an avid family man with five beautiful grandkids from two great kids. P.S. He loves his motorcycle and wife.

Nick B.


Nick has family members that have been in the plumbing trade for over 30 years. He has been plumbing for about 3 years now. He loves working with his hands and accepting any challenges that come his way. His favorite part about the job is service and troubleshooting, because it can test your knowledge on what you know. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors with friends and family.

Chris K. ("Red")


Chris joined the Pro-Tec family in 2018 and has absolutely loved his job since. He specializes in construction department undergrounds but is working to learn the trade in all aspects of the company. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and crabbing. (Trust us...his hair color isn't done justice with the gradient mapping!)

Chris C.

Plumber Apprentice

Chris knew he wanted to get into a trade since he was a teenager. He has been plumbing for over 2 years, working in commercial, residential, and service. In his free time, he hangs out with his dog and works on small projects around the house.

Santiago O.


In 2008, Santiago was looking for a job and a friend of his who worked for a plumbing company asked him if he wanted to learn how to plumb. He took the offer, and he is now in his 10th year of plumbing. His favorite part of the job is when trim time comes because he gets to see the finished project. In his free time, Santiago enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Joe W.


Joe was given the opportunity to learn the plumbing trade in 2000. Over the last 19 years, he has learned commercial, residential and emergency aspects of the trade. He has gained his master plumber license, attended many training seminars and learned all about how to treat his customers. In Joe’s free time, he enjoys going to the beach, taking pictures of wildlife and spending time with family.

Jeremy M.


Jeremy has been involved in the plumbing industry since he was 16 years old when he started work at a southern Florida plumbing company. He loves being able to meet new people and learn on a daily basis. When not working, Jeremy is an avid fisher.

Eddie R.

Plumber Aprentice

Coming soon...

Erick D.


Erick grew up in the family business at a 2,000-acre orange grove until the agriculture market crashed. He ran irrigation and worked giant diesel water pumps in the fields. Thinking that everyone needs water, he decided to become a plumber. He has been working in the plumbing field since 2006. In his free time, he enjoys teaching his kids new things and spending every moment with family.

Kenny P.


Kenny joins Pro-Tec Plumbing, Water & Gas with no prior experience in plumbing. He has spent 5 years of experience manufacturing railroad tracks. He’s been involved with material handling, production coordination, and operating machinery. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He also likes to golf from time to time.

Mark R.


Mark has been plumbing for almost 12 years. He got started in plumbing with the help of a friend, who got him a job with no experience and helped him learn the trade. What he loves about his job is that he is always doing something different and he gets to meet a lot of different people. Outside of work, Mark enjoys playing and taking care of his kids. He has an 11-month-old son, a nine-year-old daughter, and three step kids. He loves to scuba dive.

Eddie S.


Eddie moved to Florida during the construction boom and wanted to learn a trade. He has been laying pipe in Collier County for almost 20 years. His favorite part of the job is when he leaves the job and everything is done right and to standards. He enjoys making art work, fishing, and having a few cold ones with friends.

Jay B.

Plumber Apprentice

Growing up Jay was a handyman. A friend of Jays' introduced him to plumbing and invited him to learn more about the trade. After some hands-on experience, he obtained a job as a plumber. His favorite part of the job is solving the difficult problems. Jay enjoys new construction plumbing the most. In his free time, Jay studies and exercises. You may find him running on the Vanderbilt Beach.

Ryan Mauri

Plumber Apprentice

My brother is 5 years older than me. I followed him with plumbing and have been with it ever since. Its now been 30 years. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my wife and swimming.

Our Pets

Meet the office dogs! Below, Richard Hume introduces his four dogs: Lilly, Buddy, Renegade, and Tiva.


Buddy is pure-breed Pitbull with a rags-to-riches story. He was found on the side of the road starving and missing most of his fur before he was brought home and became part of the pack. Buddy is the ultimate representation of the breed with his extremely docile temperament and heart of gold. At home, he spends most of his time in the pool or pasture playing with the horses and pigs. While at work, he keeps spirits high with his overwhelming excitement to greet every employee and customer who walks in the door—especially his best friend, the UPS guy, who always has a treat for him. Buddy is truly “man’s best friend.”


Renegade was rescued from the Humane Society. She is a Pitbull and Shepherd mix. The best way to describe Renegade is “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” She has a very alert and assertive personality. She is the guardian of the pack, but her loyalty and devotion to the family is what makes her personality unique. At home, she likes taking walks with my daughter, playing with the rest of the “Funny Farm,” and going for rides in my truck. She is the most active of all the dogs and usually is my partner during days on the road visiting job sites, doing estimates, or meeting with customers.

Remembering: Tiva

Tiva is a pure breed Pitbull who is the nanny of the group. When she was younger, she loved going to the dog beach and water activities. After her double knee surgery at age 4, she slowed down a little, but it never affected her loving, nurturing personality or love for the water. When in the office, she is the first one to greet you with a kiss, and she is always looking for her next best friend. At home, she can usually be found under my daughter’s high chair, waiting for her next treat to be dropped.

Remembering: Lilly

Lilly was a seventh-generation Olde English bulldog. When she was a puppy, she was addicted to footballs and loved going to the dog beach. Weighing in at approximately 95 pounds, she was one of the largest lap dogs around. She enjoyed long naps, table scraps and cuddling with her dad. When at the office, she could usually be found greeting everyone as they arrived in the morning and then napping on the bed next to the receptionist desk until lunchtime, when she would get back up and make her rounds again.