Well water doesn’t mean free water. There are additional costs to having a well that include the installation and repair of a water filtration unit. The most common issues with well water are tanning stains, egg odor or sulfur odor, an overall bad taste as well as pump failures. One of the most costly can be having to replace a water pump. It results in not having any water at your home sometimes for days. 

Well water pumps are at the heart of your water system. It raises water from a well and delivers it to your pressure tank and then into a water filtration unit. Finally, it delivers water straight into your home for use. The pump turns on when you demand water at any water-using appliance and replaces the water that’s been used simultaneously. 

How it all works:

Normally, a well water pump uses electricity to draw water using suctioning. There are generally two different types of well water pumps: 

Jet Pumps

A jet pump includes a pump and a motor to control it. A jet pump includes a pump and a motor to control the pump. This type of system will always include a pressurized water tank. 

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is placed below the waterline down inside your well. It uses a motor to control its function. An internal check valve regulates water flow and a submersible system may or may not use a pressure tank. A submersible pump pushes water up to your water system. 

Jet Pumps vs. Submersible Pumps

Several factors determine which pump is right for your home. The primary factors in selecting between both options is the depth of the well and the location of the well. Jet pumps pull water, while submersible pumps push water upward.

If your home has a shallow well, a jet pump makes the most sense. They are designed to sit above the ground level. They use a single inlet pipe to take in water and supply it above the ground level. 

For homes with deep wells, submersible pumps are more effective. These pumps are typically submerged beneath ground level, and they operate by having an inlet pipe that provides water to the home directly from the well. They are suited for wells of up to 400 feet deep.

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